Intuitive Birth - In Loving Memory of Marina Liu Mello

Beautiful logo created for  Intuitive Born  by  Mia Ohki

Beautiful logo created for Intuitive Born by Mia Ohki

Two weeks ago, my amazing friend Marina Liu Mello passed away. Although we only had a few years together, we shared many profound experiences. We became friends in grad school, and when she found out she was pregnant, she and her partner graciously invited me to be their doula for my very first attended birth.

To say that it was an honor feels trite because sharing Marina’s first birth experience was life changing for both of us. She approached pregnancy and motherhood, as she did so many other things, with a tenderness and curiosity that was inspiring. I learned so much from Marina about how to honor a birthing person’s intuition and how to honor my own as a support person. These lessons became the foundation for both of us as birth workers.

What is intuition?

Intuition is your inner wisdom, your gut instinct; I like to define intuition as the confidence to trust in your own ability! - Marina Liu Mello

Marina, I am so sad that you don’t get to continue to share your gifts and magic with the world (on this plane anyway!) But I am also so lucky because I get to honor your memory every day through this work. Every time someone asks me why I’m a doula, I can tell them about how sharing in your pregnancy and birth inspired me and taught me how to be a doula. Every time I guide expecting parents into moments of connection with their intuition, with each other, with baby, I know your memory will be a guiding force. I am so thankful for our time together and I wish you peace and ease in this transition into whatever comes next. May your memory be a blessing.

One of Marina’s (also mine!) favorite tools for connecting people to intuition is guided imagery. In honor of her life, I am offering donation based imagery sessions with proceeds to benefit Planned Parenthood. Please contact me if interested.

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