New Moon Fertility Offering

photo credit:  Etienne Marais

photo credit: Etienne Marais

Early yesterday morning, the new moon entered the sign of Taurus.  While every new moon is generally a good time for new beginnings and setting creative intentions, the earthy sign of Taurus is specifically associated with springtime and fertility (check out Chani Nicholas for more on the powerful energy of this new moon).  

It is also infertility awareness week.  If you are currently struggling with fertility challenges, I invite you to use the energy of this moon to connect (or reconnect) to your greatest vision for fertility  and your life so you can stay present and resilient through any obstacles. This is NOT to downplay the incredible heartbreak/frustration/anger/shame that infertility may bring and I am certainly not trying to dismiss your experience by telling you something trite and fluffy, like thinking positive is all it takes to get pregnant.  Rather, it is to remind you that while there are many stories of infertility, there are also many stories of fertility miracles.  

As humans, when we experience a challenge that seems out of our control, we often go into overdrive with trying to control the aspects of our lives we think we can.  When it comes to fertility, I see clients trying to do everything "right" - eating the right foods, never drinking alcohol or caffeine, researching everything ever written about medical fertility procedures, etc. While these practices do have benefit, they may also turn into perfectionism and feed a false sense of control.  

In case no one has reminded you of this recently: You do not have to be perfect to get pregnant.  

As with any challenge we are working through in life, we must find our own unique balance between effort and surrender.  Diet, lifestyle and even medical interventions are an important part of this effort, but don't forget the equally important practices of surrender: meditation, visualization, or any mind-body practice that works for you.  

Whether your fertility path includes holistic practices, medical procedures like IVF, or whatever combination works for you, taking time for mind-body practices not only increases your chances for success, but also helps you feel grounded and sane as you do.  

fertility visioning exercise

Here is a simple and powerful practice, enhanced by the current new moon energy, but wonderful any time you want to get out of mental overwhelm in order to reconnect to creativity, hope, and surrender.  

Find a comfortable position sitting or lying down in a quiet space where you won't be disturbed. Take 10 deep, evenly paced breaths.  Consciously relax each part of your body from your head to your toes.  If you tend to dissociate from your body, spend some time being in your body, noticing any sensations that arise as you relax.  From this place, take some to reflect on the following questions:

  • What is my fertility vision? Be as specific as possible when allowing your vision to unfold - how is your day structured? Do you dress a certain way? Live in a specific place? Who is there with you? What kind of work do you? How do you feel? 
  • Do I have the space in my life necessary to live this vision, or how can I create more space? This may be an uncomfortable question for you depending on your answer.  Allow yourself to stay relaxed and focused on your breath to receive any insight.  Remind yourself again that you do not have to be perfect and give yourself permission to be gentle with your process.  
  • What can I do each day to stay connected to my vision? Is there a mantra or affirmation that comes up for you? A word/phrase/image? An activity? Maybe a feeling to tap into? No right or wrong!

Please note that answers may not be visual for you, although it's great if they are! But we all receive this kind of information in different ways, which is okay too - sometimes it is a feeling or sensation, sometimes an image, sometimes even a voice.  Whatever works for you is best.  

When you finish, first write down any insight you received.  Then, take as much time as you like to creatively express this insight in any way that feels right to you: journal, write a poem, paint, draw, sculpt, dance, sing, create a Pinterest vision board, etc.  Again, there is no right or wrong here - but remember that energetically, fertility and creativity are the same.  Give yourself permission to tap into yours simply for the joy and pleasure of it.  

I would love to know your experience with this exercise - feel free to leave a comment below or contact me here

If you are interested in further exploring how holistic fertility coaching can help you stay grounded, confident and sane as you go through your fertility experience, schedule a complementary visioning session with me here!