Seasonal Transitions & Some Big News from Strega Wellness...

photo credit: Ales Krivec

photo credit: Ales Krivec

It is now officially autumn in this hemisphere, the yearly transition between the extremes of summer and winter. As the nights grow longer and the land begins to put itself to rest, perhaps we also find ourselves turning inward to prepare for winter, ready to rest and rejuvenate.

Recently I have thought a lot about these in-between times.  As a society, we tend to focus on binaries as absolutes, the proverbial black OR white. Yes or no. We love, or we hate.  We are happy, or we are sad; logical or emotional;  hot or cold - and yet, most of us spend more time in a gray area that evades absolutes.  We can experience joy in loss, find the beauty in pain, mourn the ending in the exciting new beginning, or maybe even simply understand that everything is not okay and really just fine all tangled together in the same instance.  I prefer to think of such nebulous times as the colorful areas where opportunities live.  Think of this lack of absolutes as the emotional equivalent of the moving parts that together form a kaleidoscope, the broken shards that create a mosaic. Or if you like, the home base for AFGO (another fucking growth opportunity ;). If we are lucky, and with the help of some soul searching, wine drinking, meditation, traveling, remembering to breathe, and screaming into the ether - every now and again we are gifted a glimpse of something that feels absolute.  

I have come to know this space intimately in the past several years, first as a grad student and now as I shift into my career.  Out of these swirling fogs of opportunity, two points have finally become clear for me, right in time for this new season.  First of all, I am so excited to announce that Strega Wellness is moving to New York City in November! The Bay Area has been a powerful home for me the past few years, and I will deeply miss the people, the environment, and the Pacific.  But ... there is no place like New York City, and I've felt that we have unfinished business for some time now.  I look forward to reconnecting with my New York community, and to allowing Strega Wellness to continually evolve and serve.  Which, brings me to point number two: I am shifting my work as a health coach to focus exclusively on optimal wellness for fertility and creativity. This feels much more aligned with my passion for the energy & physiology of creation - all things fertility, birth, and creatively focused.  More details to come on this later, so please let me know if this piques your interest and/or you would like to be notified when I release the new offering.  

 For now, I find myself still spinning through an expanse of contradictory feelings (excitement! terror! jubilation! nostalgia! etc) while simultaneously knowing that this is the perfect next step for me.  I am so deeply grateful to everyone who has offered love and support for Strega Wellness, especially during the transition to this new phase.  Wishing you all a peaceful and colorful autumn!




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