What is Integrative Health?

For the past few years, any time a new acquaintance or old friend found out I was pursuing a master's degree in Integrative Health Studies, the response has been the same: pause.

Then: So, what is integrative health? 

After several years on this journey, here is what it means for me:

Integrative health is about optimal, transformative well-being. It’s a balance between cutting-edge biomedical technology and ancient and traditional ways of knowing and healing.  It’s about the innate capacity of the human body to heal and the individual as expert of their own experience, in addition to the expertise of health care practitioners of all modalities. It’s healing justice and access to quality care for all people, which cannot be separate from affordable and accessible healthy foods and personal safety.  It’s expanding birth options for all expecting parents to reduce fear and enhance trust in birth as a safe and natural process.  

As an integrative wellness coach, I support clients to achieve their unique vision for health and wellbeing through a process of deep inquiry and co-creation of sustainable lifestyle practices around all aspects of physical, mental, emotional, and psycho-spiritual health.  Please Contact me for further information!