Prenatal + Postnatal Wellness


Mind-body-spirit balance and preparation for pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

Conscious birthing honors birth as a mind, body, and spiritual process. 

Working through doubts, fears and existential questions factor into your experience of birth and parenting in the same way that creating a healthy body and strong mind do.  I am here to support your unique process in a grounded and joy-filled way.  


  • You are pregnant and want to prepare for childbirth, build strength, find relief from aches and pains, and be able to relax and connect with your baby

  • You want to reduce chances of pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes, cesarean section and/or postpartum depression

  • You want to safely work through fears and doubts about pregnancy and parenting and have an empowering birth experience on your own terms

  • You are postpartum and want to recover from birth and/or heal from cesarean section

  • You want to create healthy habits for yourself and your family in a way that works for your schedule as a new parent


Studies show that mind-body practices may decrease chances of pregnancy complications and postpartum depression as well as positively influence birth outcomes such as duration of labor, perception of pain, infant birth weight, quality of sleep, and maternal confidence.

I know that pregnancy and parenting can be just as stressful and confusing as they are beautiful and exciting.

Our work together will create a foundation for A healthy body, balanced mind, and peaceful spirit for an empowering pregnancy, birth, and parenting experience. 


  • A nourishing practice of yoga postures, breath, relaxation and meditation designed to build strength, enhance relaxation, improve flexibility and circulation, and balance the uterus and pelvic floor

  • Nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that honor your unique dietary needs and preferences while pregnant and postpartum

  • Guided imagery and visualization to permanently shift unconscious belief systems, connect to intuition, support childbirth coping and/or integrate the birth experience

  • Playful and powerful assignments to connect to self, partner and baby and create habits for a healthy family such as cooking, art, dance, meditation, coloring, massage, and more!

My husband and I had the birth we wanted for our son and Francesca was such an incredibly valuable part of making that happen... she helped us prepare for our son logistically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Forever grateful for her! Thank you for the love and light, Francesca!
— M.L.M


  • A session is 75 minutes and includes guided relaxation, check-in and coaching, a movement practice (in person only) or imagery session, energy work, and a take-home plan.

  • Sessions available in the convenience of your home, based on your schedule!

  • Prenatal Yoga and Wellness is appropriate for any stage of pregnancy and no previous yoga experience is necessary.

  • Postnatal Yoga and Wellness is suitable two to four weeks after birth, once bleeding has stopped. For cesarean births, please wait six weeks. Please consult your care provider before beginning postnatal yoga. Pre-crawling babies are welcome.

  • Schedule a free consult if you have questions about where to start!