Love Notes for Francesca

With her spot-on intuition, gentle presence, and wealth of healing knowledge, Francesca would be an excellent partner in working toward your wellness goals!
— Rachel
Francesca’s energy is a wonderful combination of confidence and calm, and on the big day, with her arrival comes the feeling that you’re in capable and caring hands, for whatever your delivery has in store.

In periods of anxiety and discomfort, Francesca was there to create a space for me to work through my fears but was also instrumental in helping me regain my confidence, strength and calm. Just before I began pushing, when I feared the contractions and pain were getting to be too much for me, Francesca guided me in a meditation that completely shifted my energy from fear to total focus and confidence. I began pushing from a place of such power and readiness, I’ll never forget it. She was instrumental in getting me to the place I needed to be to birth my little girl, and helping me stay there, and it was an awesome and empowering experience! Thank you Francesca, I can’t imagine having done it without you!
— Sarah

We decided to add a doula to our homebirth team just a month before our due date, and we are so glad we did! Francesca made herself immediately available for a couple of pre-birth meetings - she helped us write up a birth plan (as a contingency in case of a hospital transfer), guided us through some visualization exercises (very relaxing!), and was generally cheerful, helpful, and informed. During labor, she arrived soon after we asked her to be there — just as we felt I was transitioning to active labor. She took over communications with our midwife, helped coach me in laboring, and made sure my husband was taking care of himself as well. She also came a week after our baby was born to check in, process the birth experience with me, and just generally lend a hand to 2 sleep-deprived new parents. In short, Francesca was great! We found her to be generous, attentive, attuned, and all-around a lovely person to have assist in this momentous event for us. We highly recommend her!
— Wanda

The past few months of coaching with Francesca have been amazing ... I’ve seen lots of changes from getting out of an unhealthy relationship and living situation, to practicing more yoga and meditation, to getting a promotion at work. Chatting with her weekly about the things I wish to manifest in my life and then brainstorming ways I can actively pursue them was immensely helpful. I credit Francesca with a lot of the positive changes I’ve made in the past couple of months. Having someone to check-in with who truly cared whether or not I was carrying-out daily goals was really helpful and the practice of bringing mindfulness into my everyday-life has shifted everything. Now, I am excited to see what the future holds because the possibilities really do seem endless!
— Jenna

Francesca has done so much for my little family! She was the doula for our first baby and we could not have asked for a better person for the job! Even before the birth, she helped us prepare for our son logistically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually through deep discussions and guided meditations.

For the birth, she was there the whole time for my husband and me calmly and tirelessly. Throughout the waves of 18 hour active labor, she held me so tenderly and celebrated all the ways I wanted to express and be in that powerful space. Her intuitive direction knew how to comfort me and she even knew when I just needed someone to breathe with!

We had the birth in our home and Francesca worked seamlessly with our midwives to maintain the safety, comfort, and sacredness of our space. After I birthed my son, she helped to clean, make me food, and was the last to leave making sure the three of us had everything we needed.

My husband and I had the birth we wanted for our son and Francesca was such an incredibly valuable part of making that happen. Forever grateful for her!

Thank you for the love and light, Francesca!
— Marina, Austin, and baby Dirigo

Thank you for being the best yoga teacher ever!
— Grace