Fertility + Reproductive Wellness


Create lasting change for lifelong fertility.

Fertility is more than just the ability to conceive. it is creative life force energy that is directly connected to our mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing.

This energy affects all aspects of our health and vitality - whether we are trying to create a child, create art, create a business, or simply create a life of health and ease.  

I help individuals and couples feel connected and confident to optimize fertility and create thriving families.

I help individuals and couples feel connected and confident to optimize fertility and create thriving families.


  • You are pre-conception and want to “reset” and establish healthy habits before pregnancy to have a solid foundation for a healthy family

  • You are considering IVF/IUI and want to optimize chances of success

  • You have experienced miscarriage and want to process grief and heal body and mind to continue your journey into parenthood

  • You have been diagnosed with a reproductive health challenge like PCOS or endometriosis and want to create the lifestyle changes necessary to thrive now and if/when you want to create a family


Whether you are attempting to conceive naturally or with medical support, lifestyle factors such as nutrition, sleep, and stress management are known to improve health outcomes and chances for pregnancy.


I know that implementing big lifestyle changes while also dealing with the emotional and spiritual challenges of fertility or reproductive dis-ease can be difficult and hard to maintain.  

Our work together will address all of these factors in a simple yet profound way that ensures lasting success and creates a foundation for optimal fertility and healthy living.



  • Learn about & implement dietary changes based on your individual needs and preferences to make nourishment simple and enjoyable and balance hormones for fertility, pregnancy and a healthy family

  • Find practices that you enjoy and work for you to manage stress, create a sense of calm, feel in control of emotions, and/or create the space necessary to invite in new life

  • Guided imagery to permanently shift unconscious belief systems and connect to intuition

  • Meditation and breathing practices to relax, ground and feel peaceful

  • Fun, healing homework assignments to embody creative expression and fertile living such as cooking, art, dance, meditation, coloring, self-massage, and more

  • Option for in-person private yoga sessions to support fertility, balance the pelvic floor, optimize systems of detoxification and tone the nervous system

Francesca and the practices helped me be okay with being scared and accept all my feelings and know they didn’t mean I was weak. I felt much more well-balanced mentally and was able to heal from the first IVF Cycle failing...I want everyone to have a chance to do this work and doing it with a support person like Francesca will give them a better chance at success!
— C.H.


  • A session is 75 minutes and includes guided relaxation, check-in and coaching, a movement practice (in person only) or imagery session, energy work, and a take-home plan.

  • Sessions available for individuals or couples in one of my spaces, your home or office (NYC only), or online (anywhere!)

  • I suggest twelve weekly or biweekly sessions minimum to be able to implement lasting change, but also know that may not be right for everyone. Sliding Scale rates available.

  • Schedule a free consult if you have questions about where to start!