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Fertility & Reproductive Wellness

Fertility is creative life force energy that is directly connected to our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. It is necessary (but often forgotten) to address each of these needs when supporting reproductive wellness.

Choose this work if you would like to increase chances of pregnancy, including if undergoing medical fertility practices such as IVF or IUI, if you have been diagnosed with a reproductive health challenge like endometriosis or PCOS, or if you simply desire a better understanding and deeper connection to your creative energy and general reproductive health!



Prenatal • Postnatal Yoga & Wellness

Studies show that prenatal yoga may decrease chances of pregnancy complications and positively influence birth outcomes such as duration of labor, perception of pain, infant birth weight, quality of sleep, and maternal confidence while postnatal yoga and meditation may prevent postpartum depression.

Prenatal and postnatal sessions are customized to your individual needs and offer nourishing practices of movement, breath, relaxation, meditation, and lifestyle recommendations to support the changing needs of pregnancy and prepare the body for birth as well as to create mind-body-spirit rejuvenation and balance after childbirth.  



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prenatal Yoga & wellness

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Move, breathe, relax and create healthy, vibrant community with other expecting parents! 

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